Private Singing Lessons

A gripping tale. One of the key factors in a spoken as well as a sung story is the ability to tell a gripping tale. It is my strong belief that everyone does not only have a beautiful voice, but also shares the potential for being an excellent storyteller. Body language and voice should act in harmony, strongly emphasizing the meaning of the words. That is why I am very keen on working on the emotional and theatrical aspects of singing.

Voice skills and styles. A background as a classically trained singer together with skills in Estill Voice Training allow me to teach many different singing styles (pop, jazz, musical and classical) to a diverse group of people.

Singing lesson in the studio
Goals. No matter you are a kid, an adolescent or an adult, a beginner, an advanced student or a professional, I can guide you to develop your own free and efficient, musical voice. Quick solutions to voice problems and acquisition of new vocal skills, it is all coming into view once you start with your personal training program.

Program and frequency. If you take your classes at regular intervals we can work on all aspects of the singing voice including, building the instrument, learning how to become a good musician and how to act as a fine story teller. In case you aim at working for a special occasion or an audition, we can focus on the development of more specific voice skills. We can arrange your lessons in a time schedule that perfectly suits your plans.

First lesson. You are invited to pay a visit to the voice studio and experience a try-out lesson. During our first encounter we will chat a bit and you will be asked to perform a number of short exercises. In the meanwhile I will be observing how the voice behaves which gives me a lot of information. It would be very nice if you could sing a song for me.

Fee. A first session is free from any further obligations except that you are charged with a fee, the amount depending upon your age (VAT compulsory at age 21 and up).

Lessons Together. Most people prefer individual sessions. However, if you take your classes together with other singers it often becomes more enjoyable and will save you money! Feel free to make an inquiry about the possibilities.