About Hanny van Lankeren, MSc, MA, CMT

*) MSc: Master of Science; MA: Master of Arts; CMT: Certified Master Teacher of the Estill Voice Model.

Born in The Netherlands, 1959, Hanny van Lankeren went to Amsterdam to study Biology at the Free University. As a student, she sang in the VU Chamber Choir, the Netherlands Student Chamber Choir and the New Music Choir. During a traineeship in Perth, Australia, she took singing lessons with Molly McGurk and performed with the Gilbert and Sullivan's Society. After obtaining her MSc, Hanny studied Classical Singing with Grethe de Vink at the Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen, The Netherlands. In addition to her musical study Hanny was introduced into voice science by Don Miller and Harm Schutte and contributed as a subject to several research projects of the Groningen Voice Research Lab. Having obtained her MA, she studied Bel Canto with Renate Faltin, Professor in singing at the Hochschule für Musik 'Hanns Eisler' in Berlin. During the nineties Hanny was a teacher in Musical Theatre and Choral Training at the Amateur Theatre School of Amsterdam.

Since her first course with Jo Estill in 1999, Hanny has always been fascinated with EVT. She took lessons with Viv Manning in Barcelona and attended courses with a number of excellent Certified Course Instructors (CCI's): Ann Marie Speed, Paul Farrington, Kerrie Obert, Dorte Hyldstrup, Helga Westmark and Alberto ter Doest. Hanny obtained her qualification as a Certified Master Teacher in February 2012. During her membership of the Board of SSTO, a foundation promoting the EVT education in the Netherlands, she gave workshops together with Alberto in Germany and Sweden. In 2001 she moved to Wageningen where she started her own teaching studio, 'Zingen Zien en Horen'. Being a scientist as well as a singer, Hanny takes a special interest in Acoustics and Voice analysis. She published articles on the female tenor voice and on the implementation of Voiceprint (see list of Publications).